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King James unhappy with one All Star

An hour before taking the floor where Kobe Bryant scored an arena-record 61 points two nights ago, King James had a lot on his mind. One topic about which he did not mince words: The Cavaliers getting slighted with only one All-Popular player in voting by fans and coaches.

"I must say that’s totally disrespectful to give us one All Star," James expressed in the Madison Square Garden interview room before Cleveland played the Knicks Wednesday night. "... You look at all the squads with some of the best records in this league. You look at the Lakers, they have two All Stars. Orlando, two All Stars. Boston, two All Stars. San Antonio, two All Stars. These are all the good squads in the league that have really good records. And then you look at us -- one All Star. So it’s a total smack in the face."

The basketball player who was snubbed, Mo Williams, probably will be selected by commissioner David Stern to replace injured guard Jameer Nelson of Orlando. If Stern wasn't leaning toward selecting Williams over Boston's Ray Allen for Nelson's spot, he probably is now. LeBron knows what newspapers (and websites) the commissioner reads.

Cavs coach Mike Brown expressed he wouldn't ask his fellow coaches whether they voted for Williams; they wouldn't tell him the truth, anyway.

"Guys are gonna say, 'Yeah, I voted for your guy,' but you really don’t know," Brown expressed. "I'll never find out. I just know that our squad should have been more represented, in my opinion. And that’s not to say this person must have been off and that person should have been off. We should have had at least another guy on that squad from the beginning."

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